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Behind My Back Garden

Directly behind my home is my beautiful flower garden, right in the little town of Harborne.  The area surrounding my garden is built up and urban, but anyone who visits is often surprised at how peaceful and private the space is.  Help yourself to a tour of my planters and flower beds where I work hard to produce British flowers throughout the year.  Mojo likes to join me, lying in  sunshine, often in the middle of my flower beds and thinking he is being helpful! 

Seasonal Flowers

My greenhouse is where magic begins, keeping the seeds warm while they start to germinate and once they are ready, moved into the raised beds to grow into fabulous flowers.  When you visit Behind the Back Garden, you will see that I have used reclaimed items in amongst the plants.  I love other people's rubbish and like to think of ways items can be reused.  Wooden step ladders act as supports for sweet peas, honey suckle and clematis, succulents growing in Belfast sinks and I even have racing car tyres acting as extra large plant pots.  My summer house will be the Behind the Back Garden HQ, giving me a space to work, store all my pots and flower arranging equipment and more importantly, somewhere to have a cup of tea on a wet day.

Vistors are always welcome, please contact me to arrange a visit.

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